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Orthodontic Treatment Survival Guide – Mr Tooth
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Orthodontic Treatment Survival Guide

Orthodontic Treatment Survival Guide

Orthodontic treatment solves health and even emotional problems; it gives back the ability to smile, it boosts confidence, and is altogether good for the person’s wellbeing. It is funny how it causes so much stress and strife while alleviating stress and strife in the long run. But a straight and beautiful smile will make you feel better, can cure depression and give a more positive self-image. Getting there isn’t painless, and below we wish to deal with some of the problems that you are most likely to come across during your orthodontic treatment.


One of the biggest demons of the orthodontic world is the fear of pain. Orthodontic treatment can be quite uncomfortable, and you may experience pain in your gums, cheeks, and even your head and neck initially, especially if your teeth are quite misaligned. This will pass and orthodontic treatment becomes less and less painful as time goes on. Try and take painkillers if it is getting to you, and remember; keep a stiff upper lip, the treatment will be over before you know it.


Another great problem is that while braces fix aesthetic problems of the teeth, they look unsightly and bulky while they are doing so. Especially with traditional fixed braces, the way you look during treatment can be an issue, and if you are an adult getting orthodontry, you may be negatively affected. Keep your eye on the prize, and don’t forget why you are getting this treatment to being with, understand that this is temporary and you will soon, have them off, and will have a radiant, beautiful smile for the rest of your life.


During orthodontic treatment it is more difficult to clean your teeth, and you need to be more vigorous about your at home oral hygiene routine than previously. If you are not, then you may experience tooth decay, and may need to even stop treatment to nurse your teeth back to health before continuing.


Eating is going to be more difficult, and certain foods that you may have enjoyed may now be completely off limits (see our list on what foods can and cannot be eaten while wearing braces). Also, some foods that you may have liked now may not seem so pleasant, because of texture, spiciness or temperature.


If a trauma occurs, or if the device is damaged, you may experience damage of the soft tissues as well as of the orthodontic device as well. This is a realistic fear, and the only way to deal with it is through prevention. Know that you are wearing braces and that this causes a new lifestyle that you may need to get sued to. Avoid playing sports in which you can get, punched or thrown in the mouth, and be sure to always wear a tooth guard


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